My favorite kitchen appliance ~ A Delta Faucet

Delta Faucet, its All About the Pretty

About 2 years ago, Handsome and I, decided to give our kitchen an update.  We changed the backsplash, updated the granite, and added a new stovetop.  Since we were putting new granite in, we thought that we might as well change the sink and faucet.  We were giving all our ideas a trial run.  We knew we wanted to do a major kitchen remodel in about 5 years.  So, we decided to do this mini update to make sure we really liked our choices before the BIG remodel.  Two years later, we are happy with most of our choices and ecstatic with a few.

My favorite change is something I didn’t pick out at all!  When I sent Handsome to the hardware store to pick out the kitchen faucet (I had given him a few pictures of what I liked) This is what he came home with.  The Delta Faucet.  I love this faucet!  There are so many times when I have sticky hands and fingers, now it doesn’t matter.  I just touch any part of my hand or arm to any part of the faucet and it turns on.  Another feature of the faucet that I love, it turns off automatically.  I must admit, I don’t always know what I’m planning for dinner until the last minute, so I do a lot of defrosting in the sink.  I can turn the water on and after a few minutes the water automatically shuts off.  I love having this feature.  We will definitely always have a Delta faucet from now on.

Now, if I could just talk handsome in to getting me these Delta Faucets for our bathrooms.

If you are in the market for a new faucet, or just want to change the look of your sink area.  Give the Delta Touch a look.  For more styles, click here.

My style: Pilar Single Handle Pull Down Faucet with Touch20 Technology

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored, compensated or affiliated with or by Delta.  I just own and use  their product and wanted you to know how I like it.  This is my own opinion.

 my favorite kitchen appliance a Delta Faucet

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