Wynn Las Vegas ~ A forest of flower balls


A few weeks ago, (when It was not quite as hot as it is now) Handsome and I went to Las Vegas for his birthday.  This was a 3-day trip, which is plenty for us in Las Vegas. There are so many hotels to see, we decided on the few we would concentrate our time at.  Wynn Las Vegas is one we have always wanted to go have a look see and to try our luck at winning a big jackpot, no big jackpot was had, but we did have a blast playing “Deal or no Deal”.  When we went to check out the hotel shops at the Wynn, we ran into a beautiful unexpected surprise, an indoor forest with hanging balls of flowers.  I felt as though we were in a scene from Alice in Wonderland.Wynn LV Flower Balls

The colors were all so vibrant and huge.  The burgundy balls were such a deep rich color.  How many flowers do you think it takes to make one ball?Wynn Burgundy Flower Ball

These purple/blue balls were stunning!Wynn LV Blue Balls

The white flower balls were my favorite.  I just love white flowers of any kind.  Wouldn’t these be pretty hanging from trees at an outdoor wedding? Swoon~Wynn LV White Balls

Under the trees, these flowers covered the area like a beautiful flower carpet.  I loved how the sunshine peek through the trees from the skylights.Wynn LV Ground Flowers

Las Vegas, always a surprise of what you are going to find.  If you are going to Las Vegas any time soon check out the flowers balls at the Wynn hotel.  They are a beautiful distraction from all those one armed bandits!

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