A Wildlife Habitat on the Las Vegas Strip

Tired of the one arm bandit stealing all your money?

Looking for something to do in Las Vegas that has nothing to do with gambling or drinking?

On a recent trip to Las Vegas, as I was aimlessly walking around by myself {handsome was at a business meeting} I came upon a honest to goodness wildlife habitat on the Las Vegas Strip.  How could this be, out of all the times I have been to Las Vegas how did I not know about this?

It’s located in the Flamingo Hotel on Flamingo Island.

Las Vegas Flamingo's at the  Flamingo Hotel

Of course, there is a huge flock of Chilean flamingos {how could the Flamingo Hotel not have flamingos in their wildlife habitat?}.  They are certainly an elegant and graceful bird, with their long legs and exotic orangie pink feathers.  They don’t seem to realize they are only steps away from the hustle and bustle known as the Las Vegas Strip.

The Flamingo Hotel has done an amazing job of transporting their visitors into another place, once you walk through the glass doors you enter a land of tranquil paradise.  Walk over the bridges to view the birds as they frolic on their manmade islands.  The lush landscape of waterfalls and tropical trees make you feel as though you are in paradise.

Las Vegas Flamingo Hotel birds

These two sassy fellows are the brown pelicans that have called the Flamingo Hotel their home since 2102, when they were given to the Flamingo Hotel from a pelican rescue. They have some kind of attitude!  Oh, and don’t miss the Pelican feedings…it’s quite a site.

Las Vegas Flamingo Hotel Swan

The black-necked swan is a exquisite bird.  In my fantasy life, I would have a large pond with swans swimming gracefully around my home {a girl can dream}.  In my real life I can look at them here.

Las Vegas Flamingo Hotel Parrots

And the most chatty resident of the habitat, the parrots.

Las Vegas Flamingo Birds

The colors are just amazing!Las Vegas Flamingo Hotel Birds

You can even have the parrots sit on your shoulder.  {I didn’t do that, I have just a small fear of them pooping on me…TMI?}Las Vegas Flamingo Birds 2

Las Vegas Flamingo Birds 4

You can see in the back ground of people having their picture taken with these beautiful birds.Las Vegas Flamingo Birds 7

While you’re there don’t forget to check out the koi fish, Ring Tealed ducks, and turtles also leaving at the habitat.

Can you believe escaping the wacky Las Vegas strip to this paradise is free of charge?

Open daily from 8:00am to dusk.

Flamingo Las Vegas

3555 Las Vegas Blvd.

Las Vegas, NV 89109


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