Why Autumn Is So Awesome!

Why Autumn Is So AwesomeHappy Autumn!

Today on this first day of Autumn, I thought I’d share with you why Autumn is so awesome and why it’s my favorite season of the year.


Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall. – F. Scott Fitzgerald

If Autumn is not your favorite season, here are some reasons for you to fall in love with Autumn too.

Watching the leaves change colors ~ Crisp fall air ~ Homemade pies ~ Carving pumpkins ~ Pumpkin bread ~ Go to a pumpkin patch ~ Apple picking ~ The smell of a wood burning fire place ~ Friday night lights ~ Stepping on crunchy leaves ~ Making s’mores ~ Sweaters ~ Hot chocolate ~ Caramel brûlée lattes ~ Turkey ~ Boots ~ Baking ~ Halloween ~ Octoberfest ~ Cuddle weather ~ Scarves ~ Mulled wine ~ Hay rides ~ Visit a corn maze ~ Pumpkin spice latte ~ Flannels ~ Carve pumpkins ~ Walk in the crisp evenings ~ Hayrides ~ Turkey Trot ~ Halloween parties ~ Macy’s Day Parade ~ Thanksgiving food ~ Pumpkin seeds ~ Soup ~ The harvest moon ~ Blankets ~ Black Friday ~ Roasting marshmallows ~ Hot tea ~ Leather jackets ~ Rainy days ~ Ghost stories ~ Hiking ~ Fall table arrangements ~ Pinecones ~ Pomegranates ~ Getting together with family & friends ~ Oversized sweaters ~ Sweaters for dogs ~ Thunderstorms ~ Autumn sunsets ~ My birthday ~ Halloween Oreos ~ Grilled cheese sandwiches ~ Holding hands to keep warm ~ Uggs ~ Candy Corn ~ Fall flowers ~ Carmel apples ~ Football Tailgating ~ Reading while it’s raining ~  Bobbing for apples ~ Popcorn balls ~ Go wine tasting ~ Hot Toddy ~ Wearing onesies ~ Candle lit baths ~                  …Just to name a few!

And finally, Christmas is that much closer!

What are your favorite things about Autumn?



  1. V. Dotter says:

    Yes – that’s a great list and image. You know I used to totally be a Fall-Freak!! BUT now my babes have turned me into a Summer-Nutcase. Its birthdays galore in the summer and long days camping and exploring, and swimming. You have a snazzy place over here. Love the look!

  2. Lisha Fink says:

    Here in New Orleans we don’t have the typical changes others experience, but the days are cool enough to tolerate again, and we get a second blooming season. So I love it! But carving a pumpkin before October 30th is out of the question. It will be moldy before the first trick-or-treater rings the bell.

  3. Denay DeGuzman says:

    There’s so much to love about fall! I really enjoy taking a walk through my well-treed neighborhood and seeing the leaves change color and swirl around with the wind. I love the special smells of fall, and the tastes of the season like pumpkin pie. This season is flowing with beauty and inspiration – we just need to notice it and appreciate it’s splendor.

  4. Ruth Curran says:

    Since we moved to Southern California 6 years ago, every year I create fall in my house — just so we don’t get so homesick. The smell of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and cloves simmering in a pot on the stove and a roasted squash soup usually do the trick. I love the fall harvest — the squashes, apples, and those wonderful root veggies…. Thanks for the sensory wake up call!

    • Its All About The Pretty says:

      I was born and raised in California by my mom who is from Buffalo and my dad who was from Sicily. They always talked about how wonderful Autumn was when they were growing up, I’m sure they are the reason I love Autumn so much, they made it a real season in our home!

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