Where Do You Keep Your Make Up Brushes?

Someone once told me “life is short, make everything pretty”.  I try to live by that.

I have a mint julep cup holding my toothbrushes, a ceramic canisters holding my wooden spoons on my kitchen counter and have pictures hanging on the wall in my closet.  One of the places where I wasn’t living up to that saying was, my makeup brushes.

 I’m really embarrassed to say, but my makeup brushes were in a…red solo cup, there I said it!Makeup Brushes Solo Cup

I knew I must do something about this!  I was on a quest to find a pretty vessel to hold my make up brushes, and I needed some kind of beads to hold them in place.

Years ago, I went to a New Years Eve Party and they had these adorable little costume diamonds thrown all over the table, something like that would be perfect.  I went looking at the local craft store but, all I found were different size costume pearls, 2 problems with the pearls;

1. I was worried eventually the coating on the pearls would rub off.

2. The pearls had little holes in them to be strung, and that wasn’t pretty.

Then I went to Hobby Lobby asked a few sales people but, they had no idea what I was talking about.  Then It hit me…The Bridal Section!  And what do you know, they had exactly what I was looking for.

Makeup Brush Diamonds

How cute are these little costume diamonds?  With the biggest hurdle conquered, I was off to find a glass vase.  This is What I found.

Make Up Brush Container

Because I wasn’t sure how many boxes I would need, I purchased entirely too many.  4 to be exact.  I only used 2, and it’s a fairly large vase.

And Now…Makeup brushes w/diamonds

This is how my make up brushes look.  Pretty!

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