What’s Everyone Making for Super Bowl?

Super Bowl Sunday is finally here, and weather you can’t wait for kick-off to cheer on your favorite team, or you are looking forward to friendly rivalries, or you just want to watch the commercials, you are going to need to nourish yourself with some game day fare.

Earlier this week I gave you my choice for a Super Bowl party appetizer, Restaurant Style Salsa.  All you need to do is add all ingredients in to the blender, flip the switch and you’re done!

Restaurant Style Salsa blender

 Let’s see what other bloggers are making for Super Bowl Sunday 2014.

Chocolate strawberry footballs

Bacon Wrapped Sausage Jalapeño Poppers

Tex-Mex Appetizer Tart

5 Chili Recipes for Super Bowl Sunday

Chicken Parmesan Sliders

Whether you are a Broncos Fan or a Seahawks Fan, if you choose any of these deliciously tasty tantalizing food your taste-buds will sure be happy.

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