Welcome Wagon

Welcome Wagon, new neighbors

What ever happened to the neighborhood welcome wagon?

Years ago, when a new family moved into a neighborhood all the neighbors would get together and literally pull a wagon up to the new neighbors front door with all kinds of goodies, introduce themselves, and make the new family a part of the neighborhood family.

In todays world, it seems like when a new family moves into a neighborhood the neighbors peer out of their windows trying to catch a glimpse of the new neighbor without having to actually take the time to go and meet the family face to face!

Recently, a new family moved in a few doors down. I must admit, every time I pulled out of my garage, I had the best intentions to go and introduce myself, but I went about my busy day just like everyday. I think that is one of the reasons there is no more welcome wagon, people are just too busy. Most neighborhoods are not like they use to be, most people go about their day and when they get home the garage door opens the car is pulls in and the garage door shuts.

I finally had the opportunity to introduce myself to my new neighbor, we spoke a bit and we decided one day we would get to know each other over coffee (no date was set).  Weeks later we were both outside in our yards, waved and picked a date to have coffee, In trying to decided where we should meet, she offered her home as our meeting place.

When I arrived that morning, flowers in hand (my mom always told me never go to another person’s home without a gift).  She made coffee and the most delicious banana bread.  While we were getting to know each other we hadn’t realized 3 hours had gone by!  I’m looking forward to more talking and laughing with my new neighborhood friend.

So, next time you see the moving truck pull on to your street, don’t wait to go and introduce yourself!

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet the new neighbors, you just might be missing out on a good friend!

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  1. Kris says:

    I didn’t realize where the term “welcome wagon” came from; it’s very cute.
    Well done….today you inspire me to try to catch a neighbors eye to chat or just say hello (but you’re right…we all move too quickly). xx Miss You! Kris

  2. Denay DeGuzman says:

    Lack of a neighborhood welcome wagon has been on my mind lately. I live in an older, established neighborhood. More recently my wonderful elderly neighbors have begun selling their homes and new young families have begun to move in. With our busy lives, I think it’s a great idea for us to slow down and invest in creating a relationship with our new neighbors. Friendships can develop, or at the very least it will be helpful to know who is living next to you and together you can develop a sense of community.

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