Wahlburgers, West Hollywood

I was driving down Sunset Blvd. with some friends on a sunny afternoon looking for a restaurant to go grab an early lunch.  There is definitely not a lack of restaurants or types of cuisine along that strip in West Hollywood, but nothing we passed sounded good.  Until I came upon the corner of Sunset Blvd. and Sunset Plaza Drive.



That was it we had found our lunch spot!



We arrived just as they were opening so we had the restaurant to ourselves for a few minutes.  It’s really cute inside.  It felt very comfortable to be there.


I thought it was adorable that they have Paul, Donnie and Mark’s favorite burgers/sandwich on the wall.


The bar area is cozy and the bright green chairs let you know exactly where the bar is located!


What we ordered:

  1. The Our Burger
  2. The Melt (on a bun)
  3. Jenn’s Chicken Sandwich
  4. Yukon Gold Fries (our only disappointment they just don’t give enough for the price)
  5. Vanilla Milkshake (they even make boozy milkshakes)

** Love the sauces:


The signature wall sauce was great to dip our fries in.  The mustard sauce on the The Melt was delicious and my favorite the honey-garlic mayo (and I don’t even like mayo)

Everything was something I would order again.  Especially the house made pickles.


I ordered Jenn’s chicken sandwich upon the encouragement of our waiter, Joe.  I was choosing between Jenn’s and the Thanksgiving Day Sandwich.  Both sounded yummy, but when our waiter Joe said take the chicken, I did!  It was DELICIOUS!  So happy I listened.  It is a seared chicken breast topped with both caramelized onions and crispy fried onions.  Then, they add their housemade honey-garlic mayo (YUM) and greens!  I’m craving it right now just thinking about it!

** It was so delicious I re-created it the very next day at home.  

Here is my re-creation https://whatsmarydoing.com/jenns-chicken-sandwich/



8615 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, California 90069

424 276-3160

*parking is free, which is pretty cool for a L.A. area restaurant.

Until Next Time…



  1. Kaia says:

    What a fun and awesome experience! My favorite of the bunch is Mark! I’ll have to check out the restaurant this summer when I visit Southern California!

  2. Emily says:

    I’ve watched some of the episodes of the show about the restaurant and I loved it. I’d love to try the food someday!

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