Urth Caffe, Beverly Hills

Urth Caffe Outside SignOn a recent trip to Beverly Hills, my girl’s and I happened upon this adorable organic coffee shop while walking down Beverly Drive, Urth Caffe.  I was excited about the organic coffee, I had organic coffee once before at The Pie Hole and it was amazing, so I was really looking forward to trying this cup of Urth Caffe’s organic coffee.

When we were standing in line, I noticed the incredible looking desserts in the display cases which made it hard to chose which ones to try.  They all looked so very scrumptious.

Urth Caffe Pastries

Do I chose the almond croissant, the coconut pound cake or the Apricot twist?  We tried all three, I don’t know which I like best…maybe I should go back and try them all over again, just to make sure.

Which one  would you choose?

Urth Caffe Honey Vanilla LatteHow adorable is the bear face in my Honey Vanilla Latte?  The hint of honey and the natural vanilla adds just the right amount of sweetness.  It was so yummy!  Just thinking about it makes me wish I had one right now.Urth Caffe English Tea LatteMia had a English Tea Latte with a beautiful swan.  How do they do that?  I am always in awe of the intricate picture talented baristas design.

Urth Caffe Caffe Granada StrongNina’s favorite is always a blended ice coffee, she ordered a Caffe Granada, strong.

Urth Caffe, Beverly Hills ChairHow cute are these patio chairs?  They have the Urth Caffe name cut out in the back of them. Adorable!

If your are in the Beverly Hills area give Urth Caffe a try, I know you’ll love it!  We did!

Urth Caffe

267 S. Beverly Drive

Beverly Hills, CA


Or try one of their other locations.

Disclaimer:  We were not sponsored or affiliated with Urth Caffe.



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