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Titos Tacos, Los Angeles, CaliforniaI have heard people rave about Tito’s Tacos in Culver City for years, and for years I have been meaning to give their tacos a try.  Well, the day finally arrived!  Handsome and I were driving through Los Angeles in no particular hurry back home to Orange County.  We were enjoying the beautiful weather and soaking up the ocean scenery as we were driving south from Santa Barbara.  We decided we could use a taco break. Thank goodness for GPS to show us the way to the famous Tito’s Tacos!

When we pulled up in front of Tito’s Tacos we scored a prime parking spot on the street {definitely, a good sign}.  There were 3 out of the 4 windows open and the lines were long (another good sign}.

 At first, I was a bit confused on how to order.

 This is how you do it…

1. When it’s your turn at the window, place your order and then stand to the side of the window {don’t venture too far, but get out of the way so the next person can order}.  They will NOT take your name or give you a number.

2. The person that takes your order then leaves to go make your food.  Upon their return {it’s crazy how they remember your face} you then pay, in CASH ONLY and they hand you your food!

While I was waiting at the window, which was not very long, Handsome got lucky and found an open table in the outside seating area {there are only 3 tables}.  There is also a large indoor dining room.  It is a very eclectic customer base, the people at the table behind us had a very interesting discussion about politics and the table on the other side were talking about an underground LA band.  While we were eating, a fire engine with 5 firemen along with 2 police officers were also taking time for some delicious Tito’s Tacos.

Titos Tacos in Los Angeles Order

 We ordered…

2 tacos ~ $1.90 each w/o cheese $2.60 each w/cheese

1 beef burrito ~ $5.60

1 enchilada ~ $2.70

1 side of rice ~ $1.60

 chips and salsa ~ $1.20 & $1.05 {respectively}

Tito's Tacos in Culver City Food

 The food was good and for the price you just can’t beat it!  I will stick to the tacos, the rice, and the chips & salsa, next time.  They give you a pretty large size salsa, so it was perfect to dip our chips in and also add some to our tacos, I even added a spoonful to the delicious rice which gave it a little extra kick.

Tito’s Tacos

11222 Washington Place, Culver City, CA 90230


Titos Tacos, Culver City, Hours

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