The Pie Hole, Los Angeles

On a crisp Sunday morning, Handsome and I decided to try a place I had been hearing about, The Pie Hole.  We took the drive to the heart of the Los Angeles’s Art District. I always enjoy going to Los Angeles, it has a fascinating mix of people from all walks of life, and you just never know who or what you are going to see.  We arrived a few moments prior to their opening; I had heard they sell out quickly.  We wanted to make sure we got our first choice.  We were first in line.

Their menu changes daily, so they write it out everyday on brown paper.  I adore the casual atmosphere.

The first thing I ordered was the Spinach & Mushroom W/ Feta. It was outstanding!  I wanted to savor every bite.  There was a perfect mix of flavors; the Feta was not over powering, it was the perfect compliment to the spinach and mushrooms.

The Meat Pie, after tasting a bite of the pie handsome chose, I wasn’t sure which one I like more.  The onions, and carrots just melded with the beef, which was sitting on a bed of potatoes all cuddled by a superb pastry.

I can’t go someplace where the food is this fabulous and not order dessert!

I am trying this new thing where I won’t order my usual any more, my go to, at every restaurant, I am finally getting out of my box and I am forcing myself to order something I normally wouldn’t even look at.  Which is why I chose the Maple Custard Pie.  It was amazing!  I have never liked custard, pudding, Flan or anything with that type of texture, but now I’m thinking, look what I have been missing all these years.  You must also try their organic coffee, it was wonderful.

I am urging you, if you are anywhere near the Art District in Los Angeles, CA, stop by The Pie Hole, get yourself a bite to eat, you will not be disappointed!

The Pie Hole

714 Traction Avenue

Los Angeles, CA

213 537-0115

Hugs, Mary

Disclaimer:  I am not sponsored or affiliated with The Pie Hole. I am just a girl who likes to eat and are giving you an honest review.

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