The Huntington, Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens

 In the quaint city of San Marino, CA, amidst all the exquisite homes, is located what I think is one of California’s most beautiful treasures, The Huntington, Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens.   With it’s refined collections of art and it’s magnificent grounds, it is the perfect place to spend an afternoon strolling and enjoying all the beauty The Huntington has to offer.

When you first arrive, you drive through this very tall opulent gate.

Huntington Library Entrance Gate

There are two of these exquisite urns flanking each side of the driveway at The Huntington.

Huntington Library Entrance gateUrn

The first place I always go visit is The Conservatory.  This is where the orchids are housed.Huntington Library Conservatory Collage

 Then on this visit, it was on to the Rose Garden.

This statue greets you at the entrance of the Rose Garden.

Huntington Library Entrance to rose garden statue

 I have never seen a rose that looked like this.  It is simply called the green rose.

Huntington Library Rose Garden Green Rose

and of course, all the traditional roses.

Huntington Library Rose Garden Red Rose

I didn’t realize there was a bee in the rose until I was up close and personal taking this picture!Huntington Library Rose Garden Yellow & Red Rose

Along with a tranquil spot to sit and gaze at the delicate roses.

Huntington Library Rose Garden Bench

Next, it was on to the Chinese Garden.

If you go during this time of year, you are greeted by Flowering Chinese Plum Trees on your walk to the Chinese Garden.

Huntington Library Chinese Garden 4

Huntington Library Chinese Garden 7

Huntington Library Chinese Garden 5

Huntington Library Chinese Garden 5

Huntington Library Chinese Garden 8

Huntington Library Chinese Garden 6

Huntington Library Chinese Garden 2

I had to put in one more shot of the Flowering Chinese Plum Tree.  The color is just beautiful.Huntington Library Chinese Garden 3

Next, was the Japanese Garden.  I remember as a child my parents taking my brother and I to these gardens, The Japanese Garden has always been my favorite.

Huntington Library Japanese Garden

I love this bridge!
Huntington Library Japanese Garden 1

I have one more picture.

 I don’t know where on the grounds I took this, I just thought is so very pretty…I call it the Yellow Pom Pom Tree {but, I really have no idea what the name really is}.

Huntington Library Yellow Pom Pom Tree

On this trip we did see the “Face to Face” Art Exhibit.   Painting and artwork from the Renaissance Era.  It was a wonderful exhibit.

If you are in or going to be in the area, please plan to visit The Huntington!

The Huntington

Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens

1151 Oxford Road, San Marino, CA 91108


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