The Flower Fields

If you live anywhere near Carlsbad, California, then a must see is The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch.  The rolling hills of Ranunculus flowers seem like they go on forever (50 acres to be exact). This year, the day I visited was a perfect sunny California day, there was a cool breeze from the Pacific Ocean which made the flowers seem as though they were dancing and waiving as the visitors walked by.

This place holds such special memories for me, through the years I remember as a young girl, making the long car ride to Carlsbad with my parents and brother, then as a married woman with three children, taking pictures of them laughing and playing hide and seek in the rows of flowers fields.

And now, with grown children, going there on a date with my husband.  The flowers are still as beautiful as I have remembered them over all these years.  The colors always amaze me, they are so vibrant.  I look forward to next years Carlsbad Ranunculus adventure.

Visit the flower fields during their spectacular display of beauty.  The flowers fields are open in March, check their website for details @


The Flower Fields

5704 Paseo Del Norte

Carlsbad, CA


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Disclaimer:  I am not sponsored or affiliated with The Flower Fields. I am just a girl who loves flowers and are giving you an honest review.

The Flower Fields

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