The Bacon Avocado

Isn’t it funny how our tastes buds change so dramatically as we get older?

Food you couldn’t stand to eat as a child, you can’t wait to get your hands on now!

The buttery nutty flavored Bacon Avocado

Avocados are like that for me.

My Nonna had 2 huge avocado trees in her yard.  They produced hundreds of avocados each year.  Our family, the neighbors, and any passerby was given a bag full of the delectable fruit from my Nonna’s trees.  I remember the giddiness of my parents every year when the first of the avocados each season, ripened.  My mom would put them in salads and sandwiches and my dad would cut them in half, shake a bit of salt over the top of them, take a spoon and dig right in.  He would say “the beauty of the avocado is it’s built in bowl”!  Back then, I never understood the delight my family had in the weird green fruit.

I guess my mind changed the first time I had guacamole.  Now, I love avocados!  Just like my family I can not get enough of them.

So imagine my delight when my daughters walked in to the house from school holding a perfectly shaped beautiful avocado.  They explained to me they were talking to their teacher and on her desk was a large basket of bacon avocados {yes, I did say bacon avocado’s} to which she explained that she buys the delectable fruit from someone who works at the school.  They are not usually available in stores due to their delicate skin that would be bruised in the process of being shipped.  When my daughters mentioned that I loved avocados to her, she was sweet enough to give them one especially for me to try.  I can’t thank her enough.  It was absolutely delicious!

Bacon Avocado

Have you ever heard of a Bacon Avocado?

The Bacon Avocado has a thin green skin, it is a fruit that is available from late fall into spring.  If you can get your hands on one of these velvety smooth Bacon Avocados you are in for a treat.  I wasn’t expecting the lovely subtle buttery-nutty flavor that the Bacon Avocado possesses.  This one tasting has left me craving more.  I will now be on the look out for these delicate Bacon Avocados.

Some fun avocado facts from California Avocado.

  • Avocados are a fruit, not a vegetable
  • Avocados were once a luxury food reserved for the tables of royalty, but now California Avocados are enjoyed around the world by people from all walks of life
  • The avocado is also called an Alligator Pear because of its pear-like shape and green skin
  • Brazilians add avocados to ice cream
  • Filipinos puree avocados with sugar and milk for a dessert drink
  • California produces about 90 percent of the nation’s avocado crop

I ate half of my Bacon Avocado just like my dad.  Check back in a few days to see how I ate the other half.

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