Taking Care Of Yourself

How well do you take care of yourself?

Taking care of yourself

Taking care of ourselves is usually one of the last things on our minds when there are so many others that need us.  When life gets busy, your body needs you the most.  Give it the attention it needs and don’t feel guilty about it.  Take care of yourself so you can take care of others properly. Try to set time for yourself daily.

Everyone needs “me” time.  Here are a few ideas…


Unplug from all electronics.

Light your favorite candle and relax.

Buy yourself your favorite flowers, weekly.

Go grab dessert with your best friend.

Go on a bike ride.

Swing on the swings at the park.

Eat take-out with your best dishes and cloth napkins.

When someone offers you a compliment, just say “Thank You”.

Take a long warm bath with Epsom Salts and essential oils.

Put a few drops of lavender oil on your pillow.

Go to bed early.

Go for a walk and notice the beauty around you.

Turn off the news, listen to music and sing out loud.

Drink water with your favorite fruit infused in it.

Binge watch your favorite TV show.

Try something you have always wanted to, but never made the time for.

Wear your favorite perfume to bed.

Invite a friend over and cook dinner together.

Meditate (here’s a good place to start Calm)

Watch a funny movie.

Take yourself out on a date.

Get and give at least 1 hug a day.

Drink a warm glass of lemon water every morning.


Write yourself a LOVE letter.

In the comment section, please share with me what your favorite self-care thing to do is and which one of my ideas you are going to try.

Please, be good to yourself!

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  1. Marvina Stedge says:

    I really loved this. My favorite take care of myself is to write my thoughts out, do some yoga or meditate, listen to music, watch a really good movie or tv show or read. Those things really help me in times that I need to destress. 🙂

  2. Kathy Brown says:

    Love Love Love this post. It’s true that we often set so little time aside to take care of ourselves. You’re suggestions were sso creative. The idea of swinging on a swing in the park. Brings happiness to mind just thinking about it. Thank you

  3. Kathy Brown says:

    Love Love Love this post. It’s true that we set so little time aside taking care of ourselves. Your blog is creative and just the idea of swinging on a swing set in the park brings a smile to my face. Thank you

  4. sue says:

    I have written about this a lot as it is so important to take care of ourselves. We get so busy looking after everyone else we feel guilty to have time out. However, we are better people if we nurture ourselves and be kind to ourselves. Loved your list.

  5. Lois Alter Mark says:

    I do a lot of these and have definitely had more time to take care of myself since the nest has emptied. Honestly, though, I love my work so that feels like taking care of myself even when it’s probably not!

  6. melanie says:

    This is such a great list. I don’t think I do much of these very often. But since I’m off all week I may binge watch my favorite tv show. That one sounds especially fun and relaxing 🙂

  7. Jordyn says:

    I am a huge proponent of self care. How are we supposed to give our best to the world if we can’t even properly care for ourselves. I love a long jog, bubble bath or reading in bed for a nice dose of self care.

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