Swig! You’ve Gotta Try It!

Have you ever had a Swig Cookie or one of their delicious (not your average soda) Soda’s?

Swig, Cookies, Dirty drinks

Chances are if you live or traveled through Utah or are close to Gilbert, Arizona you have! If not, you’re definitely missing out because they are the best sugar cookie, ever!

Swig got its start in 2010 in St. George, Utah when Nicole Tanner and her husband decided to open a drive-by drink shop. Since that very first shop they have opened 16 more Swig drive-by’s (wish they would open one in Southern California).

Swig, cookies, dirty drinks

You may be saying to yourself at this point, so what, it’s just cookies and drinks.

Swig, Cookies, Dirty drinks

Their cookies are incredible! And even though it’s been a hot second since I’ve had one. I still can’t stop thinking about that delicious soft buttery sweet, but not too sweet, pink frosted topped sugar cookie. The very first time I went to Swig I got a dozen cookies and finish them by the time I drove to the California border from St. George! Not a crumb was left and there was only 3 of us in the car.

Swig, Cookies, Dirty drinks

We each also got one of their signature soda’s for the drive home. The drinks are all quite unique and have a combination of ingredients that I never imagined would be put together in one beverage. Kinda strange, but weirdly delicious!

These are the 3 drinks we ordered, but you must check out their menu to see all the crazy drink combinations.

The Heartbreaker – Dr. Pepper + Blackberry + Coconut + Half & Half

Riptide – Sprite + Cranberry + Raspberry Puree + Fresh Lime

Life’s A Peach – Dr. Pepper + Peach + Vanilla + Half & Half

My favorite was the Riptide.

SO… If you can get to Utah, run, don’t walk to your nearest Swig. You’ll be glad you did!

To check out their locations and the other goodies they have on their menu:

For more information!

**I was not sponsored nor do I have any affiliation to Swig or their employees. I just love their cookies and drinks!

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