Summer 2014 ~ Adventure List

Summer 2014 bucket listIt’s been only 9 days since the summer solstice, yet it feels like summer has been here for weeks.

I was planning to share my top 25 summer bucket-list items a few days ago however, in true summer style, I’ve been in summer mode — enjoying morning coffee while watching the sun come up, long walks on the beach, shopping days with my daughters, and walking my dog in the cool summer night breeze, anything but sitting in front of my computer.

Here is my summer bucket list I’m planning to have completed by Labor Day.

So, here we go!

1. Attend an outdoor concert

2. Find the best ice cream shop in L.A. and Orange County

3. Make homemade ice cream in unusual but delicious flavors

4. Participate in a adult scavenger hunt. (alcohol involved)

5. Exercise daily

6. Have movie night in the backyard

7. Wine tasting in Napa 

8. Go to a Angels baseball game

9. Surprise Handsome with a weekend away

10. Attend the county fair

11. Write my kids letters that I won’t give them until they are 30

12. Have a bonfire at the beach with family & friends

13. Bake a apple pie

14. Go bowling at midnight

15. Make homemade Strawberry jam

16. Write a love letter to Handsome

17. Have a water balloon fight

18. Volunteer at the senior center

19. Build a sand castle

20. Make my dads lemonade recipe

21. Take a road trip up north

22. Watch the sunset and wake up for the sunrise in a 24 hour period

23. Host a brunch for friends

24. Attend my first blogging convention

25. Enjoy all that the summer of 2014 has to offer!

Please share with me some of your summer bucket list items.

I will be crossing items off as I accomplish them, so check back and see what I got done!

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