Spring Time!

Happy Spring Time!

Spring time, 25 fun things to do outdoors

Spring has sprung, and with it comes the awesome spring weather!  Spring time is the time to shed the winter coats and boots.  Get out your cute sandals & straw hats, and enjoy the beautiful weather!

Here’s a list of 25 excellent things to do this spring!

1. Get outside!  Most of the Country has been cooped inside for most of the winter months.

2. Go on a picnic with that one someone special or a group of friends.

3. Rent a convertible for a weekend.

4. Have your morning coffee or tea on your patio or at an outdoor coffee house.

5. Go to your local park and swing on the swings.

6. Attend a local garden show.

(Like The Flower Fields in Carlsbad, California)

7. Plant a vegetable garden.

8. Watch the sunrise and the sunset in a 24 hour period.

9. Sleep outside under the stars.

10. Learn how to play golf.

11. Shop at a weekly farmers market.

12. Eat your meals outside.

13. Attend a minor league baseball game.

14. Take time to smell the roses.

15. Brunch, it makes Sundays that much more special.

16. Take a long drive.

17. Fly a kite.

18. Take an after dinner stroll.

19. Set up a scavenger hunt for friends & family.

20. Go on a bike ride.

21. Make iced coffee.

22. Visit a winery.

23. Make homemade ice cream.

24. Start spring time cleaning.

25. What ever you choose to do…enjoy yourself!

What spring time activities will you be doing?

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  1. Kris Craig says:

    Happy Spring Mary!! I have got to get down to see the Carlsbad flower fields. They’re right here and I had no idea. I wanted to leave a note on that page, but couldn’t find, so I Pinned it instead. Happy Day!!

  2. Kimba says:

    Can’t wait to do so many of these things on the list. Unfortunately, Mother Nature is giving us one last blast of winter on this would be first day of spring. This Florida gal is ready for the sunshine!

  3. Carolann says:

    Oh my, there are at least 8 things on this list I want to immediately! I can’t wait for the nicer weather to start rolling in. I especially love going to farmer’s markets. Yippy! Your post made me so excited!

  4. Andi says:

    I feel like we have been having Spring here in San Francisco since last Fall, we had such a mild winter that I have been able to take advantage of many of the tips you suggested!

  5. bodynsoil says:

    I hope the weather warms enough to get started on some of those things as I’m ready to get outside. Well, I can now that my spring cleaning is almost done.

  6. Elle Westley says:

    Okay I am ALL about these flower fields you speak of! I grew up in San Diego and currently live north of Los Angeles so I absolutely need to go see these flowers myself. Spring is so beautiful here in Southern CA and I’m loving every minute of it. Thanks for posting this!

  7. JcCee Watkins Barney says:

    These are all great ideas! I love spring and I especially love going for long drives with my husband. I am looking forward to grilling and chilling outside. Thanks for helping us welcome Spring in 🙂

  8. Ashley says:

    I love this list! We are going to start going yard sale browsing and I hope I find something to decorate my outdoor patio. I would love to eat and drink coffee outside in the mornings.

  9. Agatha says:

    Love all of these things! We only have one season here – hot all year round – so I do get envious when I see others enjoy nature in its different seasons.

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