Soaring over Temecula

Happy Monday morning!  Welcome to day two of our anniversary trip.

Very early, in the wee hours of the morning with the fog covering the land like a blanket, handsome and I dove to my anniversary surprise.  It was a hot air balloon ride!  We had been talking about going on a balloon ride since were dating, that’s what made it such a perfect gift for our 25th anniversary.

It was amazing watching Rusty and the crew

from A Grape Escape prepare the balloon  for our excursion.

Once the balloon was full with air,

we climbed in to the basket, and up, up and away we went.  (I was a little nervous at first, being up in the sky, literally in a woven basket)

It only took a moment before we were enjoying beauty around us, soaring over Temecula. Breathtaking, is the only word I can think of to describe the feeling of floating through the air by the temperament of the wind.

After we were back on land, Rusty drove us to a charming arbored picnic area.  And, in true Hot Air Balloon tradition, Rusty served us Champagne and explained the tradition of a champagne toast at the end of each flight; it comes from the French to commemorate a safe landing.

A Grape Escape even surprised handsome and myself with an anniversary cake.

It was a sweet ending for a memorable day, one I will treasure always.

A Grape Escape Balloon Adventure

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Disclaimer:  I am not sponsored or affiliated with A Grape Escape Balloon Adventure. I am just a girl who likes adventure and are giving you an honest review.

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