Simple Shoe Storage

Simple Shoe Storage

I’ve been wanting to organize my shoes into a simple shoe storage solution for a while.  Whenever I buy a new pair of shoes, I just add the box to a shelf in my closet. I hated the way all the boxes were different colors and sizes, and I never knew what shoes were in which box.  It was a hassle going through all the boxes to find what pair I was looking for.

I finally decided to do something about it!

Shoe Storage boxes

While shopping at Hobby Lobby, I found these sturdy boxes that are the perfect size for shoes and low boot storage.  They have several different patterns to choose from.  The size I decided to purchase is 13 3/4″ X 5 1/2″.  Depending on the shoe, you may be able to fit 2 pairs of shoes per box.

Shoe Solution pic monkey

Once I had purchased all the boxes the shoes would go in, I took an individual  picture of all my shoes.  I then used the free online photo editing program PicMonkey to put 4 shoes per page, so I could then print out the images.

Shoe Storage pictures of shoes

Once the shoe pictures were printed, I cut each shoe picture out individually.  I then adhered each photo to the front of each box

Shoe Storage shoes in box

and placed the shoes in their corresponding box.

 And there you have it, an organized simple shoe storage solution!

Disclaimer: I am/was not sponsored by Hobby Lobby, I just found the perfect size pretty boxes for my simple shoe storage solution.


  1. Angela Weight says:

    I’m embarrassed to say that my shoes are in a huge pile in the closet floor. I keep meaning to organize them…one of these days. Your post just moved my motivation meter a few points toward getting them straightened out. And those boxes are super cute!

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