Shake Shack with Tables

Have you ever seen the movie, Something Borrowed?

It’s an adorable love story (minus the best friend cheating with the friends finance).   On rainy days, my girls and I bring our comforters down to the couch and watch cute love stories together, we make snacks and there we sit, movie after movie (where we live there is not many rainy days).  Whenever we watch Something Borrowed, daughter number 1(by 13 minutes) asks when I am going to take them to New York so we can have a burger at the Shake Shack in Madison Square Park, just like in the movie.

So, this year for their birthday, handsome thought it would be a nice surprise for me to take the girls on a trip to the big apple (handsome and our son take a yearly sports trip, so it’s only fair).

 The first day we went to the Shake Shake the line was literally around the park!.  Thank goodness we decided to go to one of our many other place to see.  We went back 2 days later during an off time of the day, there were only about 10 people in line.  We each ordered a burger and fries, and it was wonderful, I think it may even rival the “In -N-Out” burger.

Shake Shack BurgerIt just melts in your mouth.

Shake Shack Shake

We couldn’t go to the Shake Shack and not order a shake.  The shakes are made with a creamy custard.  Yum!  This is defiantly on the list to visit anytime I’m in New York.

Shake Shack Menu

I love that they carry beer and wine.  What year goes well with a burger?

Shake Shack Ordering

It is so nice to sit in the park and people watch.
Shake Shack Seating

And dog watch.  This dog and squirrel starred at each other for quite a long time!NY dog and Squirrel

Check out THE SHACK CAM it’s a live feed to let you know how long the wait time is.

Shake Shack

Madison Square Park

Near Madison Ave and 23rd Street


Hours 11:00am -11:00pm

Disclaimer:  I am not sponsored or affiliated with Shack Shack. I am a girl who likes to eat and are giving you my opinion.