Scented Wax Warmers


I have a secret to tell you…

I’m obsessed with Better Homes and Gardens, Scented Wax Warmers!

Do you have one?

Ever since I purchased one as a gift for a friend {I got one for me too} at a swanky little boutique, down by the beach, I’ve been obsessed with them.

These beautiful little warmers melt specially formulated wax by the heat of a low-watt light-bulb, filling the entire room with the scent of your choice.  A couple of the reasons to use a Scented Wax Warmers in your home, to get the scent of a candle without a flame, and you don’t have to remember to blow the candle out.

 I have mine in the entry way of my home {can you see where it is?}. When company’s coming, I just turn it on, the wax melts and the delicate scent wafts through the room.  When you no longer want it on, you turn it off by the switch located on the cord and pour the remaining wax back into the original wax container, it hardens, and is ready for it’s next use.

Better Homes and Gardens Front Entry

The other day, as I was walking through Super Walmart, strolling down each isle I came upon a section of Better Homes and Gardens Scented Wax Warmers and the scented wax cubes.

 A whole section!

There are so many different styles of warmers and so many choices of scents!  It was so hard to choose just one.

I have to show you what I bought…

Better Home and Garden Scented Night Light

It’s a nightlight Scented Wax Warmer.  I’m so excited.  I’m going to be putting this one in our guest powder room.  I love that this is a nightlight and a Scented Wax Warmer all in one.

Better Homes and Garden Scented Nightlight 1

Walmart carries the Better Homes and Garden Scented Nightlight

The chamber that holds the wax.

Better Homes and Garden Scented Nightlight 2

What it looks like when the lid it on.

How adorable is that?

So far, mixed berries is my favorite wax scent.

Which one is yours?

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