Savannah’s Candy Kitchen, Nashville

Savannah's shop a recent trip to Nashville, handsome and I were walking down Broadway St. looking for a honkey tonk when we walked by Savannah’s Candy Kitchen.  I could smell the marvelous aroma of carmel wafting from the door, we had to go in and conquer our sweet tooth cravings.  As soon as we walk in, we were offered one of their famous praline candies.  Wow, my mouth was doing the happy dance.  It was unlike any other praline I had ever had.  It was filled with pecans, and the carmel with so smooth, it melted in my mouth.

*Fun Fact Time*

Did you know the pecan tree is the only nut tree native to the U.S.?

Savannah's Candy Kitchen carmel popcorn delicious gourmet carmel corn drying on hugh tables.  Every batch is stirred by hand in a copper kettle until each piece is covered in luscious carmel.

Savannah's Fudge

And the fudge is drying too!  I love fudge.  It seem like the only time I eat fudge is around Christmas time…I need to change that!

Savannah's chocolate candy bark are so many flavors of the chocolate bark. All those flavors gave me many ideas of chocolate bark I am going to be making very soon.

Savannah'sCandy Kitchen  candy in barrels barrels full of candy were fun to look at, there were many candies I remember from my childhood that I don’t see around anymore like, MaryJanes.  When I was growing up I had a friend named Jane, my mom would buy us these candies when ever we got together. Seeing these candies brought back wonderful childhood memories.

Savannah's Candy Kitchen Gophers

When I first saw these in the case I thought they were turtles, but they are gophers.  Have you ever heard of a candy gopher?  I had not…until now.  I have been totally missing out.  If you haven’t had a gopher this is what is in it, rich creamy carmel is poured over a colossal bed of pecans, and is finished off with a rich chocolate topping.  Yummy!

Savannah's Candy Kitchen Candy tubes Collage This wall of candy tubes was enormous!  There were gummy candies I’d never seen before, the variety was incredible.

Savannah's carmel apples

These carmel apples were so delicious!  My favorite was the one with the peanuts but, handsome preferred the one with the pecans.

Savannah's ceiling train look how cute the train is traveling above our heads!  It was adorable.

If you are in or around the Nashville area, go into Savannah’s and get your sweet tooth craving feed.

They also have a catalog full of scrumptious treats. Want it mailed to you?

Just click here

Savannah’s Candy Kitchen 

310 Broadway Street

Nashville, TN 37201


For other locations check here

Disclaimer: I was not sponsored, and I am not affiliated with Savannah’s Candy Kitchen.  They just have yummy candy and I wanted you to know about it.

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