Saturday Summer Fun with Boyfriend Jeans

Saturday Summer Fun

Going anywhere special Saturday?

Have some saturday summer fun with boyfriend jeans!

Nothing is more comfortable than a great pair of boyfriend jeans.  They are comfortable and can be dressed up by wearing them with a great pump.  I just love the Dolce & Gabbana design, the foodie in me loves the lemon motif on the pump.  These jeans can easily have a more casual look by wearing them with a sling back flat.  Your accessories also play a huge roll in how dressy or casual your look with be.

However you choose to wear them, boyfriend jeans are a fashion staple every woman needs in her wardrobe!

Sleeveless Silk Placket Blouse ~ ALICE + OLIVIA $178.00

Tomboy Jeans by Stella McCartney $416.00

Kate Ceramica Lemon Pumps by Dolce & Gabbana $1095.00

MICHAEL Handbag by Michael Kors $298.00

Clipper Watch by Hermes $3900.00

Slake Dark Blue Bracelet by Swarovski $70.00

Baroque Earrings $173.00

Aviator Sunglasses by Ray-Ban $170.00

 What is your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans?




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