Robert Renzoni Vineyards

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Robert Renzoni Vineyards

Robert Renzoni

Would you like to be transported to Italy without the long plane ride?  From the moment Handsome and I drove onto the 12 acre estate of the Robert Renzoni Vineyard, somehow we were no longer in Temecula, California, but on the picturesque grounds of a spectacular winery in Italy.

Take the lovely walk under the beautiful trellis entwined with Wisteria vines welcoming you to the Tuscan Estate where you will be greeted by a lovely fountain.

Robert Renzoni fountain

When you walk in to the entrance of the recently completed Tuscan Villa tasting room you immediately feel like you are among friends.  It’s comfortable and relax atmosphere makes you want to stay all day.

Robert Renzoni tasting room

This is truly a winery you can hang out all day, a little bocce ball game at the court, perhaps?

Robert Renzoni Bocce Ball Court

Or just enjoy a glass or two of wine under one of the trellis gazing out at the spectacular view.

Robert Renzoni trellis

Don’t forget to take a short walk up the hill directly behind the tasting room for a breathtaking view of Temecula Valley.  During harvest time you can even sample the grapes in this area, with permission of course.  Check with the staff or the Robert Renzoni website for all the activities happening all year long.

Robert Renzoni fountain in vineyard

The Renzoni Crest dates back to the 16th Century, to find out more about this crest and the wonderful family it belongs to click here.

Robert Renzoni crest

Robert Renzoni Vineyards & Winery

A Family Tradition Since 1886

37350 De Portola Road, Temecula, California, 92592


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Robert Renzoni Grazie


  1. pia says:

    I live in coastal South Carolina. The Carolina’s are the home of the muscadine grape. So of course muscadine wines are the one group of wines I hate—give me something, anything, dry!

  2. Carol Cassara says:

    It’s Wednesday! You’ve made me want to go pour a glass of wine so I think I will. It is, after all, Wednesday. And you are writing about wine. And I am reading. What better way to read this than with a glass of my own?

  3. Ruth Curran says:

    I love this winery – the grounds are beautiful! We sampled a few pretty wonderful red blends and really enjoyed them! Thanks for the in depth tour! I look forward to your Wednesday tours!

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