Pie-Not: The Aussie Style Bakery, Costa Mesa, CA

 Hand held pies, no utensils needed.

Pie Not 3 pies on table

I love when I happen upon something wonderful, like I did in early July.  My daughter, Mia and I were looking for a place to have lunch and just like it was meant to be, we found Pie-Not.  At the time of our visit, Pie-Not hadn’t even had their grand opening.  The smell wafting from Pie-Not lead us right to their door, we were greeted by the most friendly employees who explained all the different pies and even helped us make our choices.

Pie Not fresh baked pies

There is everything from a traditional meat pie known at Pie-Not as the Dog’s Eye to vegetarian pies and everything in between.  It seems as if the choices are endless.  These wonderful pies are meant to be eaten with your hands.  In Australia and New Zealand pie’s are thought of as more of snack food, but believe me, the pie’s at Pie-Not are a meal.

Pie Not pies in case college

The 3 pies we finally decided on, were:

Top Right:  ~sprung a leek  * This was Mis’a favorite.  The delicate flavor of the leek in the wine cream sauce was superb.

Premium chunky chicken breast in a white wine cream sauce w/ tender green leek in a shortcrust pastry shell w/ a puff pastry lid.

Bottom Left:  ~dog’s eye  * I brought a piece home to my husband who lived in Australia.  He said, it was excellent, and he has gone quite a few times for lunch.

The standard aussie meat pie, premium ground beef w/ finely diced onions in a shortcrust pastry shell w/ a puff pastry lid.

Bottom Right:  ~mary’s  * This was my favorite. (it’s not because we share the same name) The flavors meld together beautifully.  I love lamb and Pie-Not does it right!

Rosemary & roasted garlic w/ premium ground lamb, diced onion & back bacon in a shortcrust pastry shell w/ puff pastry lid.

These pie’s are delicious, I can’t wait to try them all!  I love the no silverware requirement, amazing food is eaten with your hands, fried chicken, ribs, watermelon, french fries, cup cakes, just to name a few, and now my new favorite…The Pie-Not, Aussie Pie’s!  Don’t let eating them with your hands fool you into thinking that they are small; they are undeniably a meal.  Try them for yourself and let me know what you think.

Pie Not bites pie college

This is defiantly a place I will go to again and again.  It’s just that good!Pie Not statement sign

You will love the organic Australian coffee from Bun Coffee, Byron Bay.  And, to go with that wonderful cup of coffee, a fresh scone, or any of their other fresh baked sweet treats.

Pie Not coffee college

One last thing about Pie-Not, as you are walking out the door, look up.  Those signatures in the pie tins are Pin-Not’s wall of fame.  Who knows, if you are famous, or lucky enough, you might get asked to have your signature on their wall of fame!  Fingers crossed.Pie Not hall of fame



270 17th Street, Suite 17

Costa Mesa, CA 92627



Open: 7:00 am – 8:00 pm *** Closed – Mondays

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored or affiliated with Pie-Not.  I did not receive any compensation.  I am just a girl who likes to eat and I am giving you my honest opinion.

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