Paws in the Garden, Garden Tour ~ Part 2.

Last week I was told you about the adorable garden tour, Paws In The Garden, I was invited to by one of my friends.  Here comes the next two gardens…

The next two gardens you are going to see are both located in the oldest neighbor in California.  The Los Rios District is located right across from the Capistrano Depot train station in the city of San juan Capistrano.  There are 40 homes in this neighbor, which vary in age from 50 to 204 years old.  3 of them are original adobe structures.  A majority of the homes are still private residences, while there are a few restaurants and businesses in some of the old homes.  Originally these houses were built for the workers and builders of the San Juan Capistrano Mission (yep, the same mission you studied about in 4th grade).  If you are in the area go talk a walk down this historic street.  It’s amazing!

It’s time to check out the third and fourth home on this fun tour through San Juan Capistrano.

House #3 (not a house, it’s an adorable artist’s gallery that has a fun garden area)

SJ Garden Tour House #3

Wouldn’t you love to greet the morning with a cup of tea on this rustic wood bench?

San Juan Capistrano Garden Tour, Paws in the Garden

Or in the late afternoon share a few laughs with a friend over a glass of ice tea…or maybe something stronger?

 You too, can visit this garden and while you’re there check out their wonderful artwork.  The Cottage Gallery.

San Juan Capistrano Garden Tour House

On our way from garden #3 to garden #4, we passed by this artist creating a painting of one of the historic homes on Los Rios.

House #4

San Juan Capistrano Garden Tour House 4 As we walked through the picket fence we were greeted by this adorable plant stand.San Juan Capistrano Garden Tour House 4 - 6

Don’t you just love this engraved rock surrounded by flowers that are butterflies favorites?

San Juan Capistrano Garden Tour House 4

I loved this old time water pump turned into a fountain.

San Juan Capistrano Garden Tour House 4 -9

The jacaranda tree provided plenty of shade in this garden.

SJ Garden Tour House 4 - 10

Just like the day bed at the 2nd home in the 1st garden post here, how adorable is this desk set?  I love how both of these homeowners are using everyday indoor items as a place to showcase plants.

SJ Garden Tour House 4 - 9

Isn’t this a treehouse any kid would love?

SJ Garden Tour House 4 - 3

These raised garden beds are in their own gated community.  It’s the only way to keep the bunnies out!SJ Garden Tour House 4 - 2

What a great place to enjoy a lovely summer dinner with family and friends.

SJ Garden Tour House 4 - 7

If you have been on Pinterest lately, then no doubt you have seen all the items you can make out of simple wooden pallets.  How adorable is this pallet chandelier with mason jars holding the lights?

I hope you enjoyed this Paws in the Garden, Garden Tour!

To see the first two gardens, click here.

Did you get a chance to check out The Ark of San Juan website?  If you love Cats and Dogs are are able to donate a little their way, I am sure they would appreciate it!

Thank you, Stacey for inviting me!

Until next time…

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