When I was growing up, our family home had a formal living room that was only used on holidays and when my parents entertained.  Located in one corner of the room was a bar cart that was fully stocked.  I always loved that bar cart.  The crystal decanters and the fine cut crystal glasses glistened in the light of the room and the rainbow of colors they made danced off the avocado green curtains.

As a child, I always thought the adults looked so elegant drinking their alcoholic beverages, men with a high ball glasses and ladies with their martini glasses.  There were no bottles of beer anywhere in sight.

My Obsession With My Bar Cart

When decorating my home, I wanted to add that same elegant memory of my childhood home.  For several years I have been looking for the bar cart that catches my eye and I finally found it.  I fell in love with it for many reasons, the first, is it comes with two removable trays that can be used with or without the cart, I really enjoy that feature.  The trays are covered in leather and have french inspired embroidered wine labels, they each also have two metal handles.  The cart is on casters which is perfect to be able to wheel the cart to which ever room Handsome and I are entertaining in.

 Bar Cart, beverage holderI did have a custom piece of glass cut for each tray, I thought it would keep the embroidery and the leather nice for a long time.

My Obsession With My Bar Cart 2 (1 of 1)

“I have a bilevel oval brass bar cart that was my grandmother’s, which I adore.  There’s nothing quite like being able to roll an entire mini bar up to where you’re sitting – especially if it’s in bed.” – Mary McDonald, designer

My Obsession With My Bar Cart 3 (1 of 1)

If you like this bar cart and would like it in your home I got mine here.

What memory from your childhood home did you bring into your now home?


*this is not a sponsored post, I just wanted to tell you about my new bar cart