My Instagram Weekend in Review

Wow!  What an incredible past weekend I have had!

 I know I have a slightly skewed way of thinking, but in my head, I count my week starting with Friday.  Why, you may ask?  I just think it is better to start out the week with fun and the weekends are always fun {even if I’m just lying around}!

On Friday afternoon, Handsome and I drove to our friend’s condo in Carlsbad, CA!

Carlsbad condo with ocean view

Their place had an incredible view of the ocean.  There a few things better than the sound of pounding waves.

Carlsbad train

We took the train into the village {there just might have been some thoughts of drinking to come}!

Land & Water restaurant

Off to the first bar/restaurant for some before dinner appetizers and drinks!  How adorable are the table “flowers” at The Land & Water Co.?  We had the most incredible Spicy Tuna Musubi, I’m still thinking about them.  Sorry I didn’t get a picture I was enjoying them too much!

Carlsbad whiskey on the rocks

Then off to meet up with more friends at O’Sullivan’s Irish Pub and Restaurant for dinner and more drinks {hence, the train}.  You can’t go to an Irish pub and not drink Whiskey, right?

On Saturday morning I couldn’t wait to have breakfast.  Why is it when I eat a lot the day before I always wake up hungry?

Carlsbad ketchup Trivial Pursuit

Look at these adorable Ketchup bottles that have Trivial Pursuit games on them at the Daily News Cafe.

 I love to people watch and something very exciting happened while I was there, Tyler Florence walked in.  I have been a fan of his ever since I could remember!

Thank you so much T&M!

On Sunday, Our girl’s asked to go to the San Diego Museum of Art, but first, I had heard of this fantastic Donut shop that I knew we must try.

San Diego donut bar

The donuts at the Donut Bar were unbelievable tasty!  HUGE in size!  Sorry I’m shouting but, they were like HUGE!  And so, so yummy.  The margarita donut had that perfect amount of lime flavor with a touch of salt…delicious.  I swear it was as big as a child’s head!  {I will be posting about them on It’s All About the Yummy, soon}  They even have a few items you wouldn’t think they would serve at a donut shop.  Curious?

Then it was off to the museum!

San Diego museum of art

The museum was spectacular!  It was a perfect breezy day to walk around Balboa Park and enjoy the beautiful museums that San Diego has to offer.

So that was my Instagram week in review.

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