My Backyard, an extension of inside

In the past week I have been to 2 home and garden tours.  1 garden only tour (post coming soon) and 1 interior home and garden tour {they didn’t allow pictures inside, darn}.  I love all home and garden tours, there are so many great ideas you can pick up along the way, much to Handsome’s dismay.  I always come back home so excited about what I saw and want to start a millions projects {having not gone on the home tours along with me, Handsome does not always share in my enthusiasm}.

Going on the garden tour made me think about my own backyard and the projects I have in mind.  I have these visions in my head of everything from casual to themed backyard parties.  I love being outside, and I can’t think of anything better than having the family and friends I love with me in my backyard.

 I don’t have a vast yard, I like to think of my backyard as intimate; so I know I must have a well thought out plan, designated sections are essential.

So today, please enjoy some of my inspirations.

The following are the needed zones I would like to incorporate in my backyard plan to make my intimate yard be the outside extension of my home.

Section 1. ~Dining~

My Back Yard, an extension of inside

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Being that I am of 100% Italian heritage, eating is something we do well, and often.  It is the center of all gatherings.  I want this area to be most importantly comfortable, whatever furniture I choose I know there will be bottoms siting in the seats for extended periods of time.

Section 2. ~Growing Edibles~

My backyard

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Nothing is better than cooking with just picked herbs and vegetables.  With this wall garden, even if space is limited it’s possible to grow your favorites so they are always on hand.

Section 3. ~Relaxing~

My Backyard, an extension of inside

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This is the space I want see family and friend gather at sunset for wine and cheese.  Talking about old times and making new memories.  Or sitting with my daughters for a little girl talk.  A midnight rendezvous with Handsome would be my favorite thing to do in the sitting area!

Section 4. ~Flower Garden~

My Backyard, an extension of inside

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A definate must for me is a garden that I can cut flowers from.

Section 5. ~Playtime~


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Nothing would be as wonderful as keeping the old family traditions alive.  Starting with the game of Bocce Ball.  I remember as a child, my Grandfather playing Bocce with his friends.  I never understood what they were saying as they were speaking italian but, I was always enamored with how they would break in to laugher every few words.  I would love to incorporate a bocce ball court or one of those huge chess/checkers games.

These ideas are only the start…

I can’t wait to share with you all the upcoming projects I have planned, so I can get my parties started {I can hear Handsome cheering in the background}!

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