How to make a Live Christmas Wreath ~ The Easy Way!

An Inexpensive Live Christmas Wreath!Live Christmas Wreath Every year I purchase a Live Christmas Wreath that I hang on my front gate.

They are pretty expensive and keep going up in price every year.  So I thought to myself, self, I know you can make on for a ton less.

Do you want to know how much this Live Christmas Wreath cost me, Do you?

 Exactly $2.00 plus tax!

You may ask, How could that be?

I used some items I always have, a hot glue gun and ribbon, and cutting of plants from my garden.  I went to a Christmas Tree Farm and asked for the scrap branches they cut off the bottom of the trees, {they were happy to give them to me}

The items I purchased, a very sad looking fake wreath and a tube of Christmas Ornaments at the .99 Cent Store.

That’s it, that is all you need.

Christmas Wreath in progress

Here’s How you do it:


Artificial Green Wreath, from the .99 Cent Store preferably.

Fresh Greens, from a Christmas Tree Farm or Lot and your back yard

Hot Glue Gun and extra Glue Sticks

Christmas Ornaments and/or other Christmas Decorations

Ribbon for a Bow

Once you have all your items:

Cut apart the tree branches into several small clipping you can use.

Cut garden to the same size.  I used Rosemary.  It worked great and smelled wonderful.

Hot glue cut Christmas Tree branch clippings on to your wreath, first.  Making sure they are all go different directions working your way around the wreath.

Now is the time to add the other greens you have picked out, again, working your way around the wreath making is even on all sides.

At this point shake your Live Christmas Wreath to make sure all the greenery is secure.

You can also purchase a pre~made bow or make it yourself using ribbon.  Secure the bow on to the wreath with a piece of wire.  I used a loaf of bread twist tie.

Now hot glue the Christmas Ornaments or decorations liberally so they will stay in place.

Make sure there are no hot glue strings hanging around.


P.S. They also make great gifts, the recipient will be wowed by your talent!

Don’t throw the wreath away at the end of the Christmas Season.  Just remove all the greenery and decorations off the wreath and store for next year.

Now there is no reason for you not to have a live Christmas wreath handing on your door!

Until Next Time…



Make a beautiful live wreath for under $5.00!










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