The Loop! Handcrafted Churros

The Loop, Handcrafted Churros

The Loop
If you have been reading my blog then you know just how much I’m obsessed with churros { see here & here}.  So when I found out about a churro place that was close by, I knew we needed to go try it out.

It’s called The Loop {for obvious reasons}.  All their churros are shaped in a loop.  These are not your average everyday run of the mill churro.  They are deliciously warm crunchy on the outside tender on the inside, treat for your mouth.

The Loop


There are so many handcrafted churro options.  I hope you have an easier time deciding which one {or like in my case} which ones, you are going to try.


You can get your churro Dipped.  The choices are… The Loop

Dulce De Leche




Cookie Butter

*I got Dulce De Leche



Or, you can get your churro Glazed.  The choices are…

Choco CrunchThe Loop

Cookies and Cream

Matcha Crunch

Sprinkle Berry


*I got Choco Crunch



And, the last choice, you can get your churro Chilled.  The choices are…The Loop

Caramel Pop

Cookies and Cream

Cheesy Berry

Choco Puff

Double Butter

*I got Caramel Pop


The Loop also has yummy drinks that I will be trying at my next visit.  Check out their drink options here.


The Loop

The Loop

Handcrafted Churros

9729 Bolsa Ave.

Westminster, CA 92683  {714} 713-8570

**Just a side note ~ If you are lucky enough to live close by please go check them out.  They did not pay me, or sponsor me, or give me free product.  In fact, they didn’t even know I would be doing a post about them.  The employees were the nicest people in any retail food establishment I have have ever been to in California!

Last time I was there it was a POKEMAN stop.

Until The Next Time…



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