Long Weekend Essentials

It’s hard to believe it’s Labor Day weekend!  Heading out-of-town for one last summer hurrah?  Labor Day weekend is a time for travel, fun in the sun, and the always needed relaxation!  It also calls for knowing what essentials to bring along so you can be ready for any fun you might come upon.  Whether you’re heading to the beach, going camping, or doing a stay-cation and just hanging out in the backyard, you will have everything you need to make this Labor Day one to remember.

 A Big Floppy Hat

The Sun is wonderful for giving us Vitamin D which is important for fighting disease, reducing depression, and boosting weight loss.  But, the Sun can also wreak havoc on your skin and give you fine lines and other nasty issues and that is just a gift you don’t want.  So wear that adorable floppy hat and protect your skin.

A Good Book

It’s good for all of us to spend a little quiet time over the long weekend.  Reading can make you feel relaxed and energized.  It’s also a great time to stay off of all things digital and lose yourself in the written words.


According to a Source by Abby Stern

Girl in Snow by Danya Kukafka

An Oversized Blanket

If you’re headed out on a road trip make sure you take and oversized blanket with you.  No matter where you end up you can always carve some time out for a picnic.  Whether you’re heading to the beach or the mountains, get one with nature and eat outside.

An Instant Camera

Most of the time we take picture and then share them on Social media and they are forever stored in our phones never to be looked at again.  I miss the days where we actually got to physically hold a picture in our hand.  I love watching the instant pictures come to life right before our eyes and I’m sure whoever your spending the weekend with will love it, too.

What are your plans for this holiday weekend and what essentials are you taking along?


Until Next Time…