Links I Love

Over the past few years {since I’ve had this Idea of a blog in my head}, I’ve come across quite a few interesting, intriguing, and down right funny sites.  As well as, some informative and helpful sites.  I thought to my self, I need to share all the Links I Love.

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 Welcome to Links I Love

  1. Get iphone apps for free or reduced prices at Appshopper.
  2. What to do with all your leftover Halloween candy?
  3. This is a salad you will want to make over and over again.
  4. The 10 Best Cities For Weekend Vacations.
  5. What I think the best mascara is, hands down!
  6. The 100 Most Popular Puppy Names.  Is your dogs name on the list?  Mine’s not!
  7. What your coffee says about you.
  8. 50 fun activities to do during Autumn.
  9. Make these simple yet beautiful, easy Autumn Centerpieces.
  10. My favorite Makeup Brushes.  Brushes are just as important as the makeup.


I hope you enjoyed some of the Links I found this week.  Check back in next friday for more Links I Love!

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