Happy Friday!  

We have finally made it to the end of what was, at least for me, a very long week.  I can’t believe it is already September and Autumn is right around the corner.  I am so excited for Autumn, I love everything about my favorite season from the warmer clothes to the heartier food to the Friday night football games (Our groups tailgates are the best, CREDO).

This weeks Links I Love are nine links that have peaked my interest, so I thought they just might peak your interest too!

Links I Love

ONE:  Things You Didn’t Know About Flamingo Lawn Ornaments {House Beautiful}

TWO: Hollywood’s One Trick To Being Photogenic {Pure Wow}

THREE:  Save Your iPhone Charger’s Life {Good Housekeeping}

FOUR:  How To Apply Bronzer Correctly {The Beauty Department}

FIVE:  Secrets for performing better under pressure {Business Insider}

SIX: Donate your old jeans and get a discount on a new pair! {Madewell}

SEVEN: Eyebrow Grooming Tips For Your Face Shape {Verily}

EIGHT:  How To Make friends As A Grown-Up {Real Simple}

NINE: 12 things guys Will Never Understand About Periods {Cosmo}

Send me a link to what you love on the internet.

Until Next Time…