Links I Love ~ Thanksgiving Edition

Thanksgiving Edition of Links I Love…

Links I Love 6 stress tips

We all strive to have a stress free Thanksgiving.  Here a 6 tips to get us through the day!

Links I love Southern Living

Need a fresh take on how to set your Thanksgiving table?   Southern Living has several idea’s for you, from Warm and Rustic to Dramatic, and everything in between.

Links I Love Virgin Mary

Not sure if you are going to say a Thanksgiving prayer or Thanksgiving toast.  Maybe these links will help you decided.  You could always do both, the prayer prior to dinner, and the toast prior to dessert.

Links I Love Pie

Don’t have time to bake pies this Thanksgiving?  Do you want to order one, but don’t know from where? Bon Appetit has tasted 75 Mail-Order Pies to help you choose the one (or two, or three) that would be perfect for your Thanksgiving dinner.

Links I Love Menu

To help you decided on which scrumpious sides dishes to make, Whole Foods has a Thanksgiving Menu Recipe Guide for a Classic Thanksgiving Dinner.

Links I Love football

Find out how Football became one of our Nations favorite Thanksgiving Traditions.  NFL ~ Why we play on Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

32 thoughts on “Links I Love ~ Thanksgiving Edition”

  1. We are so lucky to have the Julian Pie company in SD. Every bite is a slice of heaven. As much as I love to cook, I simply have never felt the effort I have extended to make a pie was worth the results. We don’t eat a lot of pies…so Thanksgiving is the best excuse to grab one, or three, haha. Great post!

  2. Our antidote to a stress-free Turkey Day is going away for 3 days and eating at a restaurant! Getting away is what we need, and I don’t have to worry about cooking or anything else but enjoying the company of my husband and son!

  3. Love this! I already went to the table decorating link because I am soooo not creative but always like having a special looking table! Thanks so much Mary! I will checking out more links as well (the pie????).

  4. I love the table setting idea and the prayers and toasts. We always have our grandchildren put names in a hat whoever is picked says the prayer. As each year passes they all get more prepared just in case.
    Thank you for these great resources.

  5. Mary, this is fabulous! You thought of everything and put all these great links together in one place. I’ll be back for more ideas.

    Ps did you change the name of your blog?

  6. I love Southern Living and that table setting is beautiful. I want those napkins! Decorating a table is a hobby of mine and I love Thanksgiving for that reason.

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