Thanksgiving Edition of Links I Love…

Links I Love 6 stress tips

We all strive to have a stress free Thanksgiving.  Here a 6 tips to get us through the day!

Links I love Southern Living

Need a fresh take on how to set your Thanksgiving table?   Southern Living has several idea’s for you, from Warm and Rustic to Dramatic, and everything in between.

Links I Love Virgin Mary

Not sure if you are going to say a Thanksgiving prayer or Thanksgiving toast.  Maybe these links will help you decided.  You could always do both, the prayer prior to dinner, and the toast prior to dessert.

Links I Love Pie

Don’t have time to bake pies this Thanksgiving?  Do you want to order one, but don’t know from where? Bon Appetit has tasted 75 Mail-Order Pies to help you choose the one (or two, or three) that would be perfect for your Thanksgiving dinner.

Links I Love Menu

To help you decided on which scrumpious sides dishes to make, Whole Foods has a Thanksgiving Menu Recipe Guide for a Classic Thanksgiving Dinner.

Links I Love football

Find out how Football became one of our Nations favorite Thanksgiving Traditions.  NFL ~ Why we play on Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!