Kissable Lips

Do you want kissable lips?LUSH lip scrub

I found a new product that I am so excited about.  I knew I had to share with you.

LUSH’s BUBBLE GUM lip scrub!

LUSH’s products are made with fresh organic fruits and vegetables and fine essential oils.

It is my favorite lip scrub yet!  It smells amazing and after exfoliating my lips, my lips are so smooth and kissable.  The blood rushes to my lips while I’m exfoliating and I think it makes my lips appear fuller {if only for a bit}.  This is the perfect time to start using the lip scrub right before your lips start getting dry and cracked due to the weather changes.

A lip scrub is like any other body scrub, its uses a sandy like texture to remove dried dead skin when rubbed on your lips.  By removing the dried skin off your lips makes your lips supple and soft, so you have kissable lips!

Did you know lipstick and glosses will last longer on your lips when you have exfoliated them?

Using a lip scrub weekly will keep your lip surface soft and smooth so your lipstick and glosses with stay on longer.  When you exfoliate your lips regularly your lips will retain their natural moisture and will help prevent cracking and splitting of your lips.


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