Keyways Vineyard Winery

It’s Winery Wednesday!

Today’s Winery is located in Temcecula, California

Keyways Vineyard Winery

Keyways Winery Entrance

If you are looking for a winery that has a social calendar that would rival any socialite, and great tasting wines to boot.  Then this is the winery for you.

I enjoyed that this winery was a tad off the beaten path.  There were no larges busses taking up tons of parking spaces and there are not hordes of people. The staff is friendly and is able to really speak to you one on one, letting you know all the ins and outs of their particular wines and about the stunning winery itself.

The wine tasting area at Keyways is beautiful (my picture does not do it justice).  The bar top is made of onyx.  It has a charming early California style decor.

Keyways tasting bar

The casual seating area is perfect to relax and enjoy a glass of wine. If you book ahead you can have a wine tasting in their private wine room.

Keyways lounge area

The gazebo area is the perfect place to enjoy a sunny afternoon catching up with friends or making new ones.Keyways winery gazaboI want to have a dinner party beyond the trellis in front of the fountain among the vineyard.  Isn’t it beautiful?

Keyways fountain

One of my favorite things I saw was the poster for the yoga class held at the winery on Saturday mornings.  Who wouldn’t show up for yoga class knowing there would be a mimosa waiting for you at the end of class?  Now that’s a brilliant idea!

Keyways yoga saturdays

Take a look at the Event Calendar where there is always something happening!

Keyways vineyard corks

Keyways Vineyard Winery

37338 De Portola Road, Temecula, CA 92592

Phone Number ~ 1-877-KEYWAYS


  1. Jackie says:

    This place does look beautiful. Still, as I don’t drink it would never be a destination for me. The rest of you enjoy, though. LOL!

    Seriously, it looks like you enjoyed yourself. Happy Thanksgiving and keep on travelling 🙂

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