Individual Pudding and Brownie Trifles


It’s officially the holiday season! I love everything about the holidays; decorating the house, baking with my girls, shopping for gifts, going to see tree lightings, and especially driving around looking at homes decorated with beautiful Christmas lights! These are just some of my favorite traditions.

Individual Pudding and Brownie Trifles

There is one tradition that is my absolute favorite. During the craziness of all the hustle and bustle Handsome and I take a night just for us. No kids. No TV. Just the two of us, candlelight, good food, and great conversation. We have had this tradition since our first year of marriage. Handsome usually BBQ’s (the benefits of living in Southern California) and I’m in charge of making one of our favorite desserts, individual pudding and brownie trifles.

Individual Pudding and Brownie Trifles

I have to admit we’re kind of JELL-O pudding fanatics. When we combine pudding with brownies and raspberries it becomes a fantastic dessert and one that we have often! It is also the perfect dessert to make when company is over for the holidays, I like to set out several flavors of pudding and different add-ins and let each guest make their own pudding trifle. It’s fun to see what combination everyone comes up with.

Individual Pudding and Brownie Trifles

I use mason jars for the individual serving, but you can use any clear glass.  The layers are so pretty it definitely is a show stopper dessert!

Individual Pudding and Brownie Trifles


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Individual Pudding and Brownie Trifles
Serves: 8 Servings
  • 1 large (6oz) package of JELL-O vanilla pudding
  • 3 cups milk
  • 13 x 9 pan of brownies (prepare your favorite recipe or a box mix)
  • 1½ cups raspberries
  • ½ cup mini chocolate chips
  1. Prepare JELL-O pudding according to package directions. I decided to use Cook & Serve JELL-O for mine, but you can use Instant JELL-O pudding for this, too! If using Cook & Serve let it cool in a bowl with plastic wrap over the top of the pudding so it does not form a skin. When completely cool spoon pudding into a zip top bag. Place in fridge.
  2. Once brownies are cool cut into ½ inch square pieces.
  3. *To Assemble Trifle
  4. In a mason type jar
  5. Place a layer of bownies at the bottom of the jar.
  6. Then add a layer of raspberries.
  7. Top raspberries with a layer of JELL-O vanilla pudding sprinkled with mini chocolate chips.
  8. Repeat layers and top off with pudding, raspberries, and chocolate chips.


Individual Pudding and Brownie Trifles


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  1. Laura says:

    Those layered pudding desserts are so pretty! We often have MYOP (make your own pizza) when our daughter’s friends visit. I am definitely adding your MYOP&B idea to our repertoire. Thanks

  2. Sheena says:

    I must admit while I am a complete sweet tooth, jello hasn’t been my favorite for a long time. But your pictures layered with the trifles to give some texture sounds like a brilliant idea. With Christmas in a few weeks, sounds like I may have found a new dessert to add to the menu.

  3. Michelle says:

    This looks so yummo! Have you made this in advance, and if so, how did it hold up? If I made the morning before, would the brownies be soggy?

    Thanks for any suggestions!

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