How to Clean Your Make-up Brushes

How to clean & condition your make up brushes:

Do you know how to clean your make-up brushes?  This is a technique I learned years ago from a make-up artist.

It’s really important to clean your make-up brushes once a week.  There is bacteria that can grow on your make-up brushes.  If you don’t clean your brushes you are re-applying that bacteria to your face, and that is icky!

1. In a shallow dish combine equal parts Dawn dish washing soap and olive oil. {about the size of a quarter, each}  Dawn cleans and disinfects the brushes while the olive oil reconditions the brushes. 

2. Swish the bristles of the brush through the mixture. Then in a clean sink or the palm of your hand, brush the sink or your palm in a swirly motion to work the mixture through the bristles, releasing the make-up, dirt and bacteria.

3. Rinse the brushes with cool water making sure all the dawn/olive oil mixture is completely out.  Gently dab brushes on a paper towel to remove any excess water.

4. Place The Brush Guard over the wet brush extending it about a quarter of an inch.

5. Place brushes, brush side down in a glass, so all the moisture will run out of the brush.  NEVER place the brush, brush side up when the brush is wet.  The moisture can get into the shaft of the brush causing bacteria to grow and loosening the bristles.

If you do this brush cleaning in the evening your brushes will be just like new and ready for use in the morning.

The Brush guard Brush Guard on brushes

How to store your make-up brushes when you travel:

Not only is The brush Guard perfect for storing your brushes after they have been cleaned.  They are a perfect way to make sure your make-up brushes do not get ruined when you travel.  Just place a brush guard over each brush and place in your make-up bag!

I purchased mine in the cosmetic section of my local drug store.  You can also purchase them here.

Let me know how you like them.

Disclaimer:  I am not sponsored or affiliated with The Brush Guard.  I just think it is a genius product and wanted to let you know about it!


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