The Hostess Gift: Lost Art?

A Lady never arrives empty handed!

The holiday season is in full force.  The days are short and your social calendar is filled to the brim with parties, dinner engagements, and family obligations, while still finding time to bake cookies and enjoy a moment for yourself.  Let me just remind you of one more element you need to include in your holiday season that is sometimes overlooked.

The Hostess Gift

By bring a Hostess Gift, you are showing your appreciation you have been invited in to someone’s home.


Flowers seem to be the go to item when it come to hostess gifts, but let me share with you the reasons I usually don’t bring flowers.  The hostess doesn’t want to take time out to find a vase, cut the stems, and put out flowers that might not go with her color or decorations scheme when throwing a party.   If you must bring flowers, choose a container of succulents, or a potted Amaryllis; or during the holiday season, a beautiful white poinsettia.


There are wine drinkers, and then there are the “give me a red” {that would be me}.  Wine is great if you know what the hostess prefers.  No 2 buck chuck, please {the price actually has gone up but, it doesn’t rhyme anymore}.  If you choose to bring wine don’t expect the hostess to serve the wine you brought her as a gift.  Most likely the wine has already been chosen for the party.  A champagne or prosecco would be a nice gift your hostess can enjoy after the party.

Other Gifts Your Hostess Might Enjoy

A Scented candle

Flavored Olive Oil and/or Vinegars

Fancy Guest Soaps

See’s Candies {always welcomed}

Decorative Holiday Ornament

Monogramed Item with the Hostess’ initials

Fancy Sea Salts

Any Homemade Item


The best rule is to give something you would love to receive. 


One last thing…Always send a thank you note, they only take a quick moment!


Enjoy this wonderful Holiday Season~

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  1. Michelle says:

    Thank you for reminding your readers about the importance of bringing a thoughtful hostess/host gift. I know it ALWAYS means the world to me and it shows a lot of class!

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