Historic Spanish Villa in San Clemente, CA ~ Part 2

Last week in Part 1, I showed you the magnificent interior of this beautiful Historic Spanish Villa in San Clemente, California.   I also showed you the intricate plantings and fountains that lead a visitor from the front gate to the front door of this Spanish Villa.

P&B view

 Today we will be viewing the outdoor living area and the breathtaking views of the majestic Pacific Ocean.

P&B indoor outdoor living in san clemente, california

P&B outside looking in

When the fold back doors are open, the patio area is an extension of the inside of this Spanish Villa.  The cool ocean breeze comes drifting through the home. Doesn’t this furniture make you want to grab yourself a glass of wine and sit to wait for the sunset?

P&B living room patio area in this san clemente home

The patio area off the formal dining area also has fold back doors to bring that magnificent Pacific Ocean breeze in.  For the cooler evenings, the patio’s have built in heaters to keep you warm while still enjoying the views.

P&B jacuzzi area in the san clemente home

The jacuzzi area blends seamlessly with the outdoor entertaining area.

P&B patio view from this ole hanson san clemente spanish villa

I love how the homeowners kept the gates high enough to keep the dogs in, yet not obstructing any of the gorgeous ocean view.P&B roof view in this san clemente home

This view is from the highest patio area, on the roof.  This deck would be a perfect place to practice yoga.

P&B master room view

This is my favorite view from this beautiful Spanish Villa.  The Pacific Ocean, from the master bedroom deck.  I bet the sunset views are so romantic from here!

The lovely homeowner was kind enough to send me a few pictures of the sunset views.

Warning: These pictures are going to make you jealous, if the ones above haven’t yet!

B photos inside sunset viewFrom inside the home.

B photo, sunset over jacuzziThe sunset view from over the jacuzzi area.

B Photo sunset through the palms

B photo, sunset view

What a spectacular view!  Thank you for viewing this Ole Hanson Historic Spanish Villa with me today.  I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Thank you Perry & Becky for sharing your stunning home with us!

Thank you Becky, for these beautiful sunset photos.

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