Hello Mickey!

Hello Mickey

What’s your favorite thing to do Disneyland?

Seeing Mickey Mouse?

Riding the rides?

Or is it people watching?

For me, it’s a little of all the above along with the delicious treats that seem to be strategically place around Disneyland and California Adventures.  I must admit, I have a difficult time walking by and not buying one of everything.  Here are 3 of my recent favorites.

Hello Mickey

Disney villains are so bad, but taste so good when they are freshly made Granny Smith apples bathed in caramel and covered in chocolate.  Did you know that Disneyland changes which characters will be caramel apples with the seasons?  This two are my favorites so far.  These unique treats can be found on Main Street at the Candy Palace, Downtown Disney, and at Trolley Treats, located in California Adventure.  These treats, I definitely bring home to enjoy a slice at a time.

Hello Mickey

Drum roll please…The Chocolate Peanut Butter Sandwich!  

Have you ever had one?  If you are at Disneyland it is a must have!  There is no bread in this delicious sandwich.  It is 2 chocolate dipped graham crackers with a sizeable amount of a creamy peanut butter layer in the middle.  And if that isn’t enough the whole thing is then dipped again in chocolate to completely coat the entire sandwich!  Then in Disney style, a dark chocolate Mickey Mouse is placed in the center.

Hello Mickey

This adorable Mickey Mouse head bread (along with other character loves) can be purchased at the Pacific Wharf Cafe, located in Disneyland’s California Adventure.  Don’t miss the Boudin Bakery walking tour (located on the backside of the same building) through their factory.  Watch the famous sourdough being made through a glass wall.  Don’t forget to get your free sample of sourdough bread at the begining of the tour.

What are your favorite treats to eat at Disneyland?

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