Happy New Year

Bird in flight

I’ve decided to do things a bit different this year, to make sure 2014 is a

Happy New Year!

 I’m going to meet this New Year with a child like sense of wonder, instead of focusing on the things I need to change.  I’ve lived most of my life looking forward to what was going to happen in the future rather than enjoying the moment.

But, with a New Year brings a renewed soaring spirit within myself, knowing it’s never too late to change to be the person you were intended to be.  I am embracing the New Year with a zest like never before.  I am looking forward to celebrating every little moment my life has to offer.

I’ve come up with a list of all the little things I look forward to doing during the wonderful year we call 2014.


Watch the sunrise, at least once a month.

 Always have fresh flowers in the house.

Keep only positive thoughts in my head {this is a tough one}.

Go to brunch.

 Visit at least 2 museums.

Be nicer to me.

Go on a picnic at the park.

Sing loudly everyday.

Let the ocean waves run across my feet.

Exercise more.

Take a warm bubble bath.

Make homemade marshmallows.

Ask for help.

Fly a kite.

 Go to farmers markets on the weekend.

Take piano lessons.

 Let things go.

 Have a tea party with my friends.

 Have long chats with old friends.

 Watch the stars.


 Sing karaoke.

Organize photos.

 Eat more vegetables.

 Make people smile.

 Make a fruit pizza.

 Forgive {another tough one}.

 Make a vision board.

 Be grateful.

 Be spontaneous.

 Drink champagne, just because.

 Go to the movies.

 Have a picnic in front of the fire.

 Drive up the coast with my handsome.

 Have coffee with friends.

 Learn how to play poker.

 Watch more documentaries.

 Learn how to code.

 Plant a garden, and maintain it.

Build a fire pit.

To be continued…

Happy New Year!

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  1. Barbara Lank says:

    Mary…..what an absolute beautiful idea and list of things to do this new year. I embrace this totally and want to be a part of many things on your list. Happy New Year my dear friend. I’m so glad we’ve re-connected.

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