Happy Halloween Skull Succulent

Happy Skull Halloween!Skull Succulent

Do you want to decorate for Halloween, but you don’t want to use the same old tired Halloween decorations?

The other day I was passing by this display of very cool looking skulls at World Market.  There was several different sizes.  Most of the skulls had a pink candle in the head that looked like a pink brain (it was gross, so gross I threw out the candle).  I really liked the look of the skull, but with no candle it look strange.  I bought it anyways.  I knew something would pop into my head and I would figure out what I could fill it with.

A few days later I happend to be at a nursery (for plants) when I was drawn to the succulents.  That was it, I’d fill the hole in the skull with succulents!  I bought several different ones because I wasn’t sure exactly how many I would need.  I especially love the ones that looked like little spider webs, perfect for the eyes of my Halloween skull.Skull Succulent

I think it turned out great!  I like the dirt all over it.  What do you think of the skull succulent?

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