Handy Dandy Rust-Oleum Comfort Grip

On a recent trip to our local home improvement store {I just love that place, I could stay there for hours}, I found the coolest item!

 A Rust-Oleum Comfort Grip.

Rust-oleum Sprayer https://whatsmarydoing.com/

I just finished changing the color of my curtain rods from silver to black, and thank goodness I found this item prior to starting the project.  It made the spaying so much faster.  I was able to get an even coat of paint, no drips

If you do a lot of spray painting, or for that matter just a little.  The Rust-Oleum comfort grip is an item you need.  It converts any spray paint can in to a spray gun.  It will save your fingers from hurting.  It is a cinch to put on the spray can and it gives you a more controlled smoother spray.  It has a 2 finger trigger. Using 2 fingers is superior for a more consistent spray.

Check your home improvement store for this “I can’t live without” item!

Disclaimer:  I am not sponsored by nor affiliated with Rust-Oleum.  It has made my fingers so happy that I wanted you to know about this finger saving product.

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