Guide to Napa

Guide to Napa

Handsome and I take an annual trip to Napa with our good friends P & B.

On these trips there is always exceptional wine, brilliant conversation, and sublime cuisine.

I know Napa is known for their wine around the world, but it’s the farm fresh food that has me mesmerized.  In fact, I can say with out a doubt I have never had a mediocre meal in Napa, they have all been quite outstanding!  From the road side BBQ to the make sure you have reservations establishments, each and every one has been outstanding enough to add to my “must go back there” list.

And the wine, there are no words for the exquisite wine that comes from the Napa Valley.

I will let you know about the welcoming wineries and the not so friendly wineries (I wish there wasn’t this list, but there is).  Their wines might be good , but their staff needs a lesson on how to treat customers.

Over the next few months I will be highlighting the following establishments that Handsome and I enjoyed.

So, let’s get started…

Where To Drink:



Frank Family


Markham Vineyards

Black Stallion


Where To Eat:


Mustards Grill

Goose and Gander

Redd Wood


Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen



Where To Stay:


Places To See:

Oxbow Public Market


The Wineries I Didn’t Have a Pleasant Experience At:

Tamber Bay Vineyards The nicest thing I can say about this winery is the horse stables are beautiful and if you get a chance to meet Ace (a horse) he is the most pleasant person there!

Castello Di Amorosa – A total tourist trap!  You are met at a podium prior to entering the winery (which is built like a large castle, it’s exterior is quite impressive).  They collect a $25.00 fee whether you will be wine tasting or not, and a $15.oo fee for all child no matter of the age.  It’s definitely a place where the busses drop off hordes of visitors on winery tours.

Chimney Rock –  I heard wonderful things about this winery, their wines, and their fun members only wine parties.  Handsome and I intended to try their wines and join their wine club.  When I went to visit them upon a new friends recommendation, (I had met this couple at the Quintessa Members Only Harvest lunch, after that conversation Handsome and I drove straight over to Chimney Rock) I was met at the door by a woman named Julie who was extremely rude to Handsome, I and another couple visiting from England that had walked up about 5 minutes after we arrived.  All 4 of us left their parking lot and went to another winery together.

The next day I did call and leave a message for the manager, but I never heard back.  I am planning on giving this winery one more try the next time we are in Napa (hopefully Julie won’t be at the door again!)


So there you have it, for now.  As I post about each place we visited I will be highlighting the name.

Where are your favorite places in Napa?





  1. Denay DeGuzman says:

    What a great post about Napa! I live in Sacramento, and my husband and I are due for another wine trip soon. I am especially grateful for the tips on great wineries to visit and the ones to avoid. I am making a screen shot of the rude ones and keeping that list on my cell phone so I can avoid patronizing those establishments – they don’t deserve our business. And I also will share that list with my friends. Thank you again for sharing your experiences and expertise. Happy New Year!

  2. Rebekah says:

    I’ve never made it to Napa yet, but it’s definitely on my must do list for sure. I’ll definitely be saving this post for future reference. Thanks so much for sharing!

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