Getting Ready For Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a week away and the countdown has begun!  Instead of stressing and loathing all that goes into the planning and the execution of this holiday, I’m going to share with you how I make Thanksgiving go smoothly.  No using the turkey hotlines on my watch!

When I was a girl my family always hosted Thanksgiving dinner for family and friends.  My mom was calm and totally put together.  Always wearing a beautiful dress, her diamonds, and a smile on her face.

When I married and wanted to host my first Thanksgiving dinner she shared her checklist with me.

Follow these tips and you too can have a stress free day!

Clean out your refrigerator and freezer to make room a week ahead of time.

Now is the time to button down your menu selections and pull out all the serving dishes you will need.  I put a sticky note on each one so I remember what goes where.  Also add the serving spoon and fork to the dish.

Make a list and shop now before the grocery stores get to hectic.

Set the table.  My mom would do this sometimes a week in advance and then place a white sheet over the whole table to keep it from getting dusty.

Prepare items that can be made ahead and frozen, pie crusts, rolls, and desserts. My mom also made some gravy ahead of time just to make sure there was extra on the big day.  Stuffing or dressing (depending where you are from) can be made a day ahead and so can the cranberry sauce.

Make a schedule and stick to it.

Delegate!  Consider asking a few guests to bring their favorite dessert.

Set up a drink station so your guests can help themselves.

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