Fruit Infused Flavored Water

I really love Soda

No, really, I love soda.  For years now I have been trying to break my soda habit.  I’ll go for weeks, sometimes months at a time with no soda then all of a sudden i’m back to drinking soda everyday.  This time I have a replacement drink to help me.

Insert —> Fruit Infused Flavored Water.

Fruit Infused Flavored Water

 I know, who am I fooling?  Water can not take the place of yummy soda but, I make my Fruit Infused Flavored Water with mineral water to give me that bubbly goodness!  In my efforts to totally eliminate soda from my diet, I am only allowing myself soda on the weekends.  During the week I will be drinking my Fruit Infused Flavored Water.

Fruit Infused Flavored Water
  • 1 pitcher full of mineral water {or bottler plain water if you don't like the bubbles}
  • ½ cucumber {thinly sliced}
  • 3 strawberries {thinly sliced}
  • ½ lemon {thinly sliced}
  • ice
  1. Add all fruit and cucumber slices to the water.
  2. Add ice and stir.
  3. Refrigerate to keep cold.

The longer the fruit sits in the water the more intense the fruit flavor is.  When the water gets low, don’t remove the fruit, just add more water.  As long as the Fruit Infused Flavored Water is kept in the fridge the fruit should stay fresh.  I usually make a new pitcher every other day.  I also like to squeeze some of the juices I’m using right into the water.

These Fruit Infused Flavored Water not only taste great with a subtle fruit flavor they also have a cleansing effect in your body.

The fruit combinations are endless!  I think rosemary or lavender would taste delicious with kiwi.

Flavored Water 2

Here is a few other combinations you might want to give a try.

Blueberries + Lemon

Lime + Cherry

Orange + Cucumber + Mint

Lemon + Cucumber + Rosemary

Let me know what combinations you try.


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