Friday Five

Favorite Things, Inspiration, and Five Happenings This Week!

The week started off slow…literally!

I spent last Saturday in the Emergency Room with a swollen leg. “They think” it’s a sprained knee.  Even though I’m not very mobile I know I will always have my trusty Yorkie (Biscotti) to keep me company. 

Friday Five








Handsome was so sweet to pick me up a copy of Sloane Crosley’s How Did You Get This Number.  It is the perfect read for someone who is suck on the couch, or stuck on a plane, or anywhere you want a little levity in your life.  How Did You Get This Number consists of several essays that are full of charm and wit.  The perfect read to get my mind off of the at hand (or leg) situation.

Friday Five

We’re getting closer to renovating our downstairs, so this week has been perfect for looking at some inspiration online.  Here’s what I found that I would love to see in my soon-to-be-renovated home.



  •  I love the rustic charm of this second sink faucet
  • Not sure if this is the style of lighting that fits with what I have in my head, but I like it.
  • I do like backs on the bar stools.  Not sure if I think fabric in the kitchen is a good idea.
  • I really love the old-school honeycomb pattern white tile.  If I don’t put it in the kitchen maybe in the downstairs bath.

Loving my new Translations Colored Pencils.  They’re made from100% reclaimed newspaper.  I think I will make Friday my day to color!

Friday Five

Want to get your Phalaenopsis Orchid to bloom, again?  Place yours in the bathroom just like I did.  They love the humidity, it keeps the plant hydrated and warm.

Friday Five

Those are my five things from this past week.

What’s going on in your life?

Until Next Time…





  1. McKenzie Allyshia says:

    I hope that your knee feels better soon — sprains are no fun! Also, I love the honeycomb pattern. I have been wanting to do a white honeycomb backsplash in my kitchen but my husband isn’t as in love with it as I am ha ha. Also, those colored pencils are awesome!

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